Location de vacances en GUadeloupe

Holiday Lodge in Guadeloupe – La Discrète has everything from the enchanted tale. While in the West spreads the Caribbean Sea, the East offers the Alizé winds and the sweetness of the greens of the surrounding mountains

Location de gite à Pointe Noire beau séjour tout confort en Guadeloupe


La Discrète

Location de vacances en GUadeloupeHoliday Lodge in Guadeloupe La Discrète melts into nature. Conceived for 2 people, it offers the modern comfort of new equipments while being furnished according to the tradition of yesteryear in Guadeloupe. From this atypical cocktail, results a marvel of lodge where the holiday maker finds the case for a beautiful stay.

Holiday Lodge in Guadeloupe, Pointe Noire – Detail of furnitures

Location de vacances en GUadeloupeA room for 2 people with bathroom, WC, washbasin and shower
A large covered terrace with deck, specially designed for relaxation
An equipped kitchenette
A view of the Caribbean Sea and the Basse-Terre mountain

  • air con,
  • fan,
  • mosquito net,
  • hair dryer,
  • WiFi,
  • electric boiler,
  • fridge,
  • both traditional and microwave oven,
  • plaques induction,
  • coffee machine,
  • delivery of meal for diner, on reservation only


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Location de vacances en GUadeloupe

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